Volunteers benefit our organization and local community by developing awareness of our key values: Environmental Conservation, Cultural Heritage and Visitor Experience.

Volunteers must be members of Friends of Bon Echo Park.
Membership fee will be waived for student volunteers.

Volunteer roles will be opportunity-based. Opportunity descriptions will focus on the key values of Friends of Bon Echo Park and may include but are not limited to the following:

  1.  Assisting in efforts to reduce negative impacts brought on by human activity such as trail monitoring and maintenance);
  2.  Assisting in events that focus on species at risk such as TurtleFest and FalconFest;
  3.  Assisting in practical endeavors that focus on species at risk such as building turtle nest covers/boxes and/or recording observations of species at risk;
  4.  Assisting in efforts to reduce invasive species such as Garlic Mustard;
  5.  Assisting in efforts to keep Bon Echo Park clean by picking up litter;
  6.  Assisting in activities and events that aim to share the historical significance of Bon Echo Provincial Park with visitors (Walt Whitman);
  7.  Planning and implementing special activities and events that seek to enhance the visitor’s experience such as The Festival of the Arts;
  8.  Engaging with visitors, encouraging participation in special activities and events and dispensing information of importance concerning these activities, events and the Park in general by being a park ambassador or Event Greeter; and
  9.  Working to strengthen engagements with the local community by being a community outreach liaison.

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