AGM Minutes 29/09/2016

Board Members attendees: Ernest Lapchinski, Bill Campbell, Gordon McCullough, Sue Whyte

Board Member Regrets: Susan Barchard, Peter Algiers

Friends Staff: Beth Freeland, Chris Callan

Park Staff: Clark Richards, Lisa Roach


  1. Call to Order: Ernest Lapchinski President at 19:07
    1. Brief review of last year by Ernest. Beth Freeland, Executive Director (ED) , has largely completed a review and update of Policy and Procedure Protocols, bringing the FOBE up to government standards.
      It has been a year of transition with a new Lead Captain, Chris Callan.
      A financial Auditor report was performed by Welch Chartered Accountants. 
    2. Clark Richards, Acting Park Superintendent, reported an exceptional busy summer in the park. Visitor stats are pending but most likely will reach 200,000 visits. The high visitor trend continues this autumn. He stated that the visitor experience is enhanced by the FOBE. He extended a thank you to the FOBE on behalf of the Park Staff.
    3. Lisa Roach NHE agreed with Clark that 2016 has been a busy year. NHE programs have been well attended; the evening programs averaging 150-180 campers. She stated that it has been a pleasure to work with such passionate staff and tanked the FOBE for supporting the NHE staff salary.
    4. Chris Callan, Lead Boat captain informed the members there is a team effort to expand boat use during the shoulder season in the park. He mentioned that one of the boats was used and “starred” in a recent television program filming. Other innovative ideas are in the development stage.
    5. Cindy Miller is the new retail clerk hired. She will start Oct 1 2016 at Greystones. She brings to the FOBE thirty years of retail experience.
  2. Approval of Minutes of AGM Sept 19 2015
    1. Motion: to adopt the Minutes of the Sept 19 2015 AGM
      1. Moved by/2nd Wendy Hodgkin/Rick Proctor/carried
  3. Approval of audited financial report
    1. Gordon McCullough, treasurer,  provided a report.  The FOBE are recalculating the HST as advised in the auditor report. Inventory of the gift shop is high and there is an effort to reduce this. Greystones continues to show profit. Boat ticket sales have been exceptional. Memberships are down.   BBQ sales and Art show sales declined slightly in comparison to last year. Capital expenditures included purchase of 2 storage containers, repairs to a Park shed and the purchase of a point of sales system for the store.
    2. A member questioned if the 2 boats would run next year. Chris Callan answered that it would be a decision made by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) inspector. We are hoping that the MOT will consider the actual boat hours versus years of service during the review. 
    3. Motion: to approve the auditor financial report.
      1. Moved by/2nd  Gordon McCullough/ Betty Pearce/carried
  4. Review of Annual Report
    1. Copies of the report were mailed to the membership prior to the meeting. No comments or questions noted.
    2. Ernest brought to the attention of the membership that purchase of life time FOBE memberships would cease. Current lifetime memberships would need to be renewed by 2021. Income from annual fees are required to maintain  current FOBE activities  in the Park.
    3. One member raised the risk that 96 life time members would be eliminated. Ernest replied that the hope is these people would renew annually.
  5. Motion to approve the Directors’ actions during the last fiscal year including ratification of by-law regarding Membership
    1. Motion: to adopt the change to Bylaw 16-01 regarding Membership
      1. Moved by/2nd  Red Emond/Beth Campbell/carried
    2. Motion: to approve the Directors’ actions during the last fiscal year
      1. Moved by/2nd Wendy Hodgkin/Rick Proctor/carried
  6. New Business
    1. Appointment of Auditor 2016-2017
    2. Motion to approve Welch Chartered Accountants as auditors for the FOBE
      1. Moved by/2nd Red Emond/Bill Campbell/carried
  7. Presentation of Nominations to Board of Directors
    1. Beth Freeland reviewed the current board membership
      1. Peter Algier – term to expire in 2017
      2. Sue Barchard – term to expire 2018
      3. Gordon McCullough – term to expire 2018
      4. Sue Whyte- term to expire 2017
      5. Ernest Lapchinski, Bill Campbell have completed 2 three year terms.
      6. Warren Anderson did not stand for re-election.
      7. Katie Ohlke resigned.
    2. End result : Five vacancies on the board.  1 x 1 year, 2 x 2 years, 3 x 3 years
    3. Beth reviewed the fiduciary duties of a Board member then listed five nominees:
      1. Julia Garro
      2. Rick Gutherie
      3. Warren Reeves
      4. Beth Smart
      5. Carey Skipper
  8. Election of Directors
    1. Nominations for board of directors called from the floor x  3; no further names put forward.
    2. Motion: to close the nominations from the floor
      1. Moved by/2nd Bill Campbell/ Red Emond/carried
    3. Motion: that the five presented nominees are accepted to sit on the FOBE Board.
      1. Moved by/2nd Betty Pearce/ Gord McCullough/carried
    4. Ernest welcomed the new Board members then asked them to introduce themselves to the membership highlighting their past experience and connection, if any, to the park. Debbie Reeve spoke on behalf of her husband Warren Reeve who is out of country. Board membership manuals were dispersed.
    5. Prior to the closing remarks Beth extended her thanks on behalf of the FOBE  to Bob and Lynn Burford for their on-going dedication to the FOBE and the Park.
    6. Beth presented a gift, a token of appreciation from the FOBE and Park to Ernest Lapchinski retiring president and Bill Campbell.
    7. Bill Campbell, the retiring chair of the Membership/ bursary committee gave a synopsis of the new memorial policy. He then demonstrated the slide show that is displayed in Greystones, highlighting the FOBE corporate sponsors and memorial donations.Bill extended his thanks for an interesting 6 years!
  9. Closing remarks by President
    1. Ernest thanked the Board, volunteers and staff for their dedication and continuing support not just for the past year but throughout his term as president. He wished the Board well in its future endeavors.
  10. Motion: for adjournment moved by Red Emond/ carried at 19:54