5 Striped Skinks are Canada’s only lizard and they’re an “at risk species”. These cute and shy lizards are located  in some provincial parks including The Pinery, Rondeau, Petroglyphs, Charleston Lake, and Bon Echo Parks. During the month of August the Friends of Bon Echo Park would like your help protecting these amazing lizards.

Skinks can grow to 8.6cm in length and juvenile Skinks have a bright blue tail. If attacked by a predator, they can drop their tail to escape and grow a new one later! Skinks like to bask on sunny rocks and logs to maintain a preferred body temperature of 28-36 degrees Celsius during the summer. During the winter they hibernate under rocks, in crevices or buried in soil.

Ontario Skinks have become an at risk species because their homes are disappearing. The impact on their habitat is the number one reason they have become a species at risk. When at Bon Echo, you can help increase Skink survival by leaving the rocks and trying not to disturb the soil as much as possible. Please be careful when walking (especially on top of Mazinaw rock) as you might be walking on their homes.

With your help, we can raise awareness of these amazing lizards and they can flourish at Bon Echo.

Adopt a Skink
During the month of August, stop by Greystones anytime and pick up your own stuffed Skink! We are offering special pricing along with a Friends of Bon Echo Park membership so you can help Ontario Skinks and more!

We are also having more Skinky fun August 26th with games, activities and fun for the whole family. Hope to see you and your family of Skinks then!